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Petition to King Charles III

A Petition dated 9th January 2023 including the below files as supporting

evidence, was served upon His Majesty King Charles lll by Royal Mail

recorded delivery service on the 11th January 2023.


Copied were provided to the Home Secretary, Security Minister , Attorney

General  and Others  in High Office as part of the actions required

to exhaust the British justice system prior to elevating the matter

to the International Criminal Court,  The Hague. 

The Financial Matrix

Whilst it appeared Gordon Brown PM and Chancellor Alistair Darling agreed to bail out RBS and merge Lloyds TSB with HBoS, instead something very dark, sinister and corrupt was to emerge that would ignore Competition Rules and pass ultimate  Parliamentary Control and Powers to the  Lieutenancy control in the Square Mile.

The Establishments’ Mishandling of Economic Crime Reporting 

Police, Action Fraud and the NFIB are going against the Director of Public Prosecutions Guidance by not gathering available evidence, to effectively investigate and prosecute banking fraud. The establishment is choosing 'Willful Blindness' and 'Misconduct' over Justice. The Home Office Counting Rules  (HOCR) are part of the problem , not the solution.

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