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Avon & Somerset Police Failure

So far Avon & Somerset Police Force have made effort to cover up the banking and State crimes from officer level through to PCC, its Crime Panel, through to the Home Office.

Police & Crime Commissioner for Avon & Somerset has failed victims

Mr Shelford Police & Crime Commissioner for Avon & Somerset said he was very sympathetic to the victims' circumstances.  

"I have personally met

and listened to many

people and the awful

impact it has had,’ he

said. ‘For some people

I know it has absolutely

ruined their lives."

Mr Shelford said: "I have discussed providing further funding with the chief constable in this area, where we are happy there are cases that show criminality".

In 2022, PCC Mark Shelford reported to the APPG Fair Business banking in respect of the Lloyds Banking Group Bristol Recoveries Briefing that ..."in the last 6 years my office received more than 400 contacts in relation to these matters which reference Lloyds Bank".

Yet victims salute Mr Stansfeld who oversaw 6 bankers sentenced and who has supported victims who said:


"The National Crime Agency  (NCA)  came under fire from the former police and crime commissioner who firmly alleges failure of the NCA to properly investigate claims of document tampering and signature forgery by Britain's banks."

Anthony Stansfeld

Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner 2012 to 2021

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