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The Home Secretary failed to

use her ultimate powers over

Police to protect Public Interest


"I think I have made it clear that
practices we have heard about
are wrong; we have heard about

devastating impact. Clearly
distressing and complex. The
process is

I understand the impact
and implications. ..."

"We will get the justice needed. ...  A disturbing issue and its
impact. The are avenues I can look into"

"I intend to take away all the points raised and to share them

with the Home Office. That absolutely has to happen."

We do not want vulnerable individuals to be targeted in a

malicious way"

Then Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury 

The Rt Hon. Priti Patel MP (2014)


Home Secretary
2019 to 2022

Public Interest has been failed by past Home Secretary

the Rt Hon Priti Patel.  Consequently British civilians have been hurt and tortured by the State

The structure for policing is laid out in:

The Policing Protocol Order 2011

  • The Police Reform & Social Responsibility Act 2011


    Please see the below legislation:-

    This enables the Home Secretary "backstop" to override the PCC and Chief Constable in public interest and national security to take control


. ... Lifted word for word from the Gov website:-

28.  The Home Secretary is ultimately accountable to Parliament and charged with ensuring the maintenance of the Queen’s Peace within all force areas, safeguarding the public and protecting our national borders and security. The Home Secretary has reserved powers and legislative tools that enable intervention and direction to all parties, if it is determined by the Home Secretary that such action is necessary in order to prevent or mitigate risk to the public or national security. Such powers and tools will be used only as a last resort, and will not be used to interfere with the democratic will of the electorate within a force area, nor seek to interfere with the office of constable, unless the Home Secretary is satisfied on the advice of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary that not to do so would result in a police force failing or national security being compromised.

29.  The Home Secretary retains the legal accountability for national security and the role that the police service plays within the delivery of any national response. The Home Secretary has a duty to issue a Strategic Policing Requirement that sets out what are, in her view, the national threats at the time and the appropriate national policing capabilities that are required to counter them.

Operational Matters

30.  The operational independence of the police is a fundamental principle of British policing. It is expected by the Home Secretary that the professional discretion of the police service and oath of office give surety to the public that this shall not be compromised.

31.  The current arrangements are defined in part by the 2011 Act.


  • The Police Act 1996, sections 40a and 40b

    F140A  Power to give directions in relation to [F2local policing body]

    (1) Where the Secretary of State is satisfied that a [F2local policing body] is failing to discharge any of its functions in an effective manner, whether generally or in particular respects, he may direct the [F2local policing body] to take specified measures for the purpose of remedying the failure.

    (2) Where the Secretary of State is satisfied that a [F2local policing body] will fail to discharge any of its functions in an effective manner, whether generally or in particular respects, unless remedial measures are taken, he may direct the [F2local policing body] to take specified measures in order to prevent such a failure occurring.

    (3) The measures that may be specified in a direction under subsection (1) or (2) include the submission to the Secretary of State of an action plan setting out the measures which [F3the local policing body] submitting the plan proposes to take for the purpose of remedying the failure in question or (as the case may be) preventing such a failure occurring.

Below are Priti Patel's comments in the Westminster Debate 11 November 2014

Image by Mohini Babhulkar
Statement by The Home Secretary

'The position of Home Secretary demands the holder of the office to be entirely focused on the business of goverment and our national security.

At this critical time my duty is to continue to lead this Great Office of State, to protect our national security, and keep the citizens of our country safe.

I will continue to work closely with colleagues across Government and our partners and agencies to ensure these important responsibilities are upheld'.

Priti Patel
Home Secretary
July 2022
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