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International Criminal Court (ICC), The Hague  

Our victims have only seen misjustice in the UK Courts. So as a court of last resort, we seek to take our vast widespread, systemic cases to the ICC, Hague.


The ICC is governed by a International Jurisdictional Treaty called the Rome Statute, the ICC is the world’s first permanent international criminal court. The ICC can prosecute crimes against humanity, which are serious violations committed as part of a large-scale attack against any civilian population.

The International Criminal Court

The UK Establishments’ Heinous Pantomime of Financial and Legal Corruption

Due to the ongoing heinous pantomime of HM Administration, Crimes Against Humanity - Mental Torture and abuse against His Majesty’s Subjects is rife in the UK , evidenced by a growing number of Victim Impact Statements and Case File summaries.


This is State Crime affirming why the Bill of Rights 1688 was initially introduced. During the Nuremberg Trials, it was established the the Nazi State attacked  German civilians through asset striping their businesses, homes and other assets.

The 4 senior Nazi bankers and lawyers and the Nazi State police conspired to liquidate victims' assets to fund and fuel the German State Treasury. This is history repeating itself which must be stopped.

Below is a summary of some of the atrocities systemically  committed against Civilians in the UK of which His Majesty King Charles III , The Rt. Hon Suella Braverman MP Home Secretary and her predecessor The Rt. Hon Priti Patel MP,  The Rt. Hon Tom Tugendhat MP Security Minister, The Rt. Hon Victoria Prentice MP Attorney General are among those in High Office provided with a copy of supporting evidence.


  1. Crime Reporting is purposely flawed (by design), including the Home Office Counting Rules (HOCR ) being written to exclude reports of, inter alia; serious criminal financial and other atrocities including those committed by the police and National Crime Agency (NCA).  This is based on summary evidence collated by Subject Matter Experts  which has been provided to (and disregarded by) the City of London Police, other Police Forces, Serious Fraud Office and NCA Crime Agency. Reports include, bribery  (including the police to  “look the other way”  regarding gun crime), theft and expert witness intimidation, document forgery (including forged signatures), used by banks to trigger false repossessions, perjury, the use of false hearsay evidence during court hearings and judicial abuse by Police, Lawyers, judges and Lenders and their associates to Pervert the Course of Justice against UK Civilians. 

  2. Judicial abuses including breaches of court procedures, judges refusing Case Management Hearings for no good or lawful reason, refusing Defendants’ evidence and refusing permission to Appeal when a fair trial has not taken place and instead rough justice was administered by the court, in particular judges as to allow criminal misconduct.

  3. Victims suffer being taken into civil courts when often a bank has operated unlawfully.


  4. LIBERTY OF THE SUBJECT 1354 - None shall
    be condemned
    without due Process of Law. 

    ITEM, That no Man of what
    Estate or Condition that he
    be, shall be put out
     of Land
    or Tenement, nor taken, nor
    imprisoned, nor disinherited,
    nor put 
    to Death, without
    being brought in Answer by

    due Process of the Law.

  5. The perpetrators of these heinous “Crimes Against Humanity” are acting in concert in a formulated and executed conspiracy to commit heinous atrocities against SME’s within the British civilian population through widespread inhumane acts of mental and in some cases physical torture, persecution and repression and acts of degradation.

  6.  These acts align to the International Criminal Court Act 2001, International Criminal Court ( Scotland ) Act 2001 and Rome Statute (International Treaty).  Some victims have taken their lives after being subjected to these numerous Human Rights abuses and linked economic crimes."

  7. The Police have failed to engage Subject Matter Experts and comply with directives of the Director of Public Prosecutions and other Statutory Requirements including to refer cases to the Crown Prosecution Service for prosecution decisions.

  8. The Home Secretary has failed to act in Public Interest under Statutory Instruments 2011 No. 2744, The Policing Protocol Order 2011 and the Police  Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 to hold Police and Crime Commissioners ( PCC’s)  to account when their Force has demonstratively failed.

  9. Most PCC’s that victims have gone to have failed to hold their Chief Constables to account over failure of HM Constabularies’ Officers failure to investigate these crimes. This is particularly serious as Police Offices swear Oath to His Majesty, in particular to uphold His Majesty’s Subjects “fundamental Human Rights”. We hold recordings of senior acting police officers that will be provided in evidence of said officers ignorance or refusal and wilful blindness to engage required protocols as found in UK law.

  10. UK Rule of Law is being broken and His Majesty’s senior Cabinet Ministers have refused to intervene with the bigger Lloyds Bank, RBS/Natwest, UK Acorn and Commercial First asset stripping and consequential torture under Human Rights issues. In particular the UK Home Secretaries who have the power and ultimate ministerial positions to enforce the Law. 

  11. Abuses of Court process by the Judiciary including failure to hold Case Management Hearings, rejection of evidence pre trial and during trials and adjudicating on proven false Hearsay and sign off civil court orders to suppress the release of criminal evidence before them.

  12. Failure  of, inter alia, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA ), National Crime Agency (NCA ), Serious Fraud Office (SFO ), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW ) who having knowledge of the crimes fail to protect and serve the public in  breach of Statute / Royal Charter under which they were formed.

  13. Expert Witness intimidation includes failure by the Police and NCA to undertake risk assessments before referring confidential crime reports to the relevant bodies. The Police and NCA then act with bias and abuse public funds to pursue malicious prosecutions against those who have reported in confidence - ie the persecution of “ Whistleblowers”.

  14. Breaches of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 section 330 (failure to lodge Suspicious Activity Reports and section 333 Tipping off) by many senior members of the Establishment, including directors on the board of Banks’ etc.

  15. Spoliation of Evidence by Lawyers including Police Lawyers to pervert justice. Spoliation is “ The intentional destruction or alteration of relevant evidence in existing or pending legislation”. 

  16. Witness Intimidation taken to a new level by Police who have unlawfully deprived Clients of  Professional Service providers  and have further caused injury by the false arrest of witnesses, the setting of onerous, in-huma treatment including witnesses being retained in a police cell and administering civil Court Orders which seek to suppress evidence of criminal wrongdoings from seeing the light of day.

  17. Physical and mental torture, abuse and terrorism by those in High Office.

  18. Victims regularly suffer abuse from the police, judges, investigative and regulatory bodies who fail to protect the public or worse actively support criminal wrongdoings by turning a blind eye or placing additional burdens upon them"  are under the control of the police, judges , investigative and regulatory bodies who abuse their positions and fail to protect the public.

  19. False imprisonment , threats of imprisonment (using false hearsay) and threats of imprisonment on false contrived grounds (often hearsay) and threats of being sectioned under the Mental Health Act, by those in High Office, including the police.

  20. Evidence of “Mens Rea”, “Actus Reus” and modus operandi  of criminal  wrongdoings ignored by those in High Office.

  21. Ministers who have been provided with evidence of systemic criminal misconduct have failed to act in accordance with their legal obligations. This facilitates  continued widespread  and systemic attacks upon complainants who are now experiencing abuse of their Human Rights, which police swear Oath to uphold, but are not doing so.

  22. Police failure to refer cases to specialist Counter Terrorism SO15 unit of the Metropolitan Police based in New Scotland Yard

  23. Stress and depression related medical conditions, suicides, attempted suicides.

  24. Police refusal to receive evidence whilst maintaining they have insufficient evidence. Over 15,000 new evidence pages were offered to several police forces. All refused to engage in assessing the evidence including past Avon & Somerset Chief Constable Andy Marsh who now sits as chief executive officer of the College of Policing since September 2021.

  25. Numerous Conflicts of Interest and acting under bias by some police, Lords, lawyers, Ministers and judges.

  26. Police assisting bailiffs using false instruments to carry out unlawful evictions including breaking  into and entering  properties in offence of section 6 of The Criminal Law Act 1977. 

  27. Use of false instruments,  money laundering , false accounting and tax evasion facilitated by His Majesty’s Administration.

  28. Police assisting offenders evade arrest and prosecution  to encourage continuation of “Crimes Against Humanity” Torture, including providing letters used in court to facilitate unlawful repossessions. 

  29. Police officers attending evictions, have a duty to uphold the peace but also the rule of law. In most cases they are assisting bank appointed and UK State allowed bailiffs to steal the homes and assets of victims; much alike 1930’s Nazi Germany, where the State actively "Plundered" and "Looted" the Jewish People.

  30. The systematic dispossession of Jewish people and the transfer of their homes, businesses, artworks, financial assets, musical instruments,[8] books, and even home furnishings to the Reich was an integral component of the Holocaust.  In every country controlled by Nazis, Jews were stripped of their assets through a wide array of mechanisms and Nazi looting organizations.  - Systemic, Widespread Nazi State deployed Property and Asset Seizures

  31. Impact Statements establish Victims suffer Complex Traumatic Stress Disorder / Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CTSD/CTPSD), a recognised medical condition, because the stress inflicted on them by the nefarious actions of those in High Office ,  the police and judiciary in particular , lenders and lawyers, is never ending

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